Christmas 2018 Driving Lesson Vouchers From APASS4U Driving School

It’s Chriiiiistmaaaas! I love this time of year, not because of the pressies or the parties but because everyone seems to be just that little bit nicer. With the New Year approaching you may well be considering new challenges. Is yours driving? Well why not ask family and friends to help you concur one of life’s real challenges and change your life at the same time. Here at APass4U we … Read more

Working As An ADi With APass4U Nationwide Ltd

A little history to start. APass4U Nationwide is an Essex based driving school which started and remains a family run business with 4 members of the family working in the office to ensure things run as smoothly as they can. The business was started by Tony Mihill who has been an ADi for 17 years and Tony will always tell you that as he has spent time on the road … Read more

Learning to Drive with Learning Difficulties

Learning to drive can be a difficult task in itself but add to this, attempting to learn to drive having been diagnosed with ADHD, Aspergers and Dyspraxia and it can bring to each lesson, a whole different level of challenges. “I struggle to take direction and get very frustrated quite easily. So when I make a mistake, I’ll beat up myself.” Tom, a driving pupil, dealing with learning disabilities told me as … Read more

Name Our New APass4U Mascots for your Chance to Win £50 CASH!

These two cars pulled up at APass4U headquarters the other day enquiring about our driving instructor vacancies. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to give self-aware mechanical machines driving instructor jobs… No matter how adorably cute they are! So we told them that they could become our new APass4U mascots instead! As it turns out, our new mascots are so unique, their manufacturer didn’t even give them a name! So we thought … Read more

Looking For That Last Minute Christmas Gift?

Still undecided about what to buy a loved one this christmas or wracking your brains thinking about what would be the ideal gift for your godson or niece. Or how about if you’re a last minute shopper, wondering what you’re going to buy as a last minute stocking filler or christmas cracker gift? Then this may be the perfect time to remind you about:  A Pass 4 U Christmas Gift Vouchers now … Read more

How Many Driving Lessons Will it Take for Me to Pass My Driving Test?

This is one of those questions which a Driving Instructor is asked on many occasions.  The answer you are likely to get is, “How long is a piece of string!” There are many factors which contribute to how long it will take, including financial and time constraints. Someone who is able to take driving lessons a couple of times a week, picks it up quickly and doesn’t struggle with any of … Read more

Becoming A Driving Instructor at APass4U

A Pass 4 U is an intensive driving school based in Essex. Over the last 12 years, with just 2 instructors and with some heavy investment in marketing, the driving school has grown to become a network of over 200 driving instructors across the UK, yet we still remain a family run business. We have specialised in bringing people in from out of the area and provided them with intensive … Read more

Introducing the New A Pass 4 U Trailer Training Website Covering Essex & The South East

A Pass 4 U is proud to present our brand new website offering trailer training in Essex and across the South-East of the UK. The website was designed by the same team responsible for A Pass 4 U, and signifies a growing of the A Pass 4 U brand. There has been a real need for a dedicated trailer training website with a mission to not only provide training for … Read more

A Day in the Life of a Driving Instructor

As a pupil, what do you know about what goes on for your Instructor before arriving at your door. Here at A Pass 4 U, we thought we would offer a little insight into what goes on in a typical day. A driving instructors day can begin and end at any time – it just depends on the Pupil’s needs on their list. So if you are an early starter, … Read more