Theory & Practical Driving Tests to Resume – But What Can You Expect?

Last week the UK Government announced that driver training and theory tests will restart on Saturday 4 July 2020 in England, with practical driving tests restarting from Wednesday 22 July 2020.

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Changes Are Coming to Our Theory Tests

Have you been looking to learn how to drive but have been struggling to pass your theory test? Well, today is your lucky day!

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What have you been asking the DVLA??

We get it, these new Google Assistants and Amazon Alexa are pretty helpful, especially with the new DVLA Vehicle Enquiry skill set. However, we want to know what are you really asking?

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How to Tell the Speed Limit (for Cars & Motorcycles) on Roads in the UK

Nothing beats the freedom of travelling the open road. Going at your own pace along your own path can feel liberating. But driving a car or motorcycle on the road networks of the UK you might often find yourself asking “what is the speed limit here?”.

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Vehicle Safety Questions “Show Me, Tell Me” Infographic [& Printable PDF]

This handy resource has been created by APass4U Driving School to help you tackle the ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions that driving examiners can ask during the practical driving test.

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How the UK Driving Test Has Changed Over the Years

The UK driving test is something many young adults will undertake on their path to independence. However, whilst the underlying principle of learning to drive safely has remained the same, the driving test has had to adapt constantly to accommodate the country’s ever-changing roads which means that it is more difficult to pass now than it was even just a few years ago.

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Learning To Drive In Lincoln And Boston

You may wonder why Lincoln and Boston would be a great area to learn how to drive in, not only do both test centres have great pass rates, Lincoln had a pass rate of 47% between 2017-2018 and Boston with 52% which is higher than the average, they both have diverse areas.

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Taking a Driving Test in Dudley

What do I need to know when taking a driving test in Dudley? There are many factors which you need to consider when taking a driving test at Dudley’s Lower Gornal test centre.

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Adverse Weather Clips Have Been Added to the Driving Hazard Perception Test

As of the end of 2018, part of the driving theory test known as the hazard perception test features clips included testing a learner driver’s ability to identify potential hazards during different adverse weather conditions. Fourteen clips are shown during the test, with up to five points awarded for each scenario.

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Learning to Drive with Irlen Syndrome

Firstly, what is Irlen syndrome? Like most of you, I had never heard of this condition and its effects. Surprisingly, Irlen syndrome is more common than we realise.

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