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How Many Driving Lessons Will it Take for Me to Pass My Driving Test?

This is one of those questions which a Driving Instructor is asked on many occasions.  The answer you are likely to get is, “How long is a piece of string!”

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Becoming A Driving Instructor at APass4U

We have specialised in bringing people in from out of the area and provided them with intensive courses, over varying periods. Therefore we are now in the process of offering established instructors and small driving schools across the UK the opportunity to benefit from our marketing campaigns, for free, by becoming a driving instructor at APass4U.

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A Day in the Life of a Driving Instructor

As a pupil, what do you know about what goes on for your Instructor before arriving at your door. Here at A Pass 4 U, we thought we would offer a little insight into what goes on in a typical day. A driving instructors day can begin and end at any time – it just […]

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All I want for Christmas is… Driving Lessons

As the festive season fast approaches, it can leave a person wondering about what gift to give a loved one. Many choose to buy driving lessons, an investment in time, energy, finance and a development of personal skills for the recipient and wonder which driving school to learn with. Here at A Pass 4 U, […]

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Adventures of a Driving Instructor – Part 1: Pheasants

Being a driving instructor means you get to hear a lot of funny stories about driving lessons gone wrong and not-so-apt pupils. So for a bit of a laugh, we’ve taken some of the funniest stories we’ve heard, or experienced and created a unique comic strip for your enjoyment. Please do leave us a comment […]

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