What’s a Roundabout? Shocking Lack of Road Knowledge Displayed by UK Drivers

A survey conducted by the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart, found that many drivers have a real lack of awareness of the rules of the road, putting themselves and others in danger. More than 50% admitted their road knowledge was so poor, they didn’t recognise the roundabout sign. More than two-thirds of drivers admitted they had no understanding of the two second rule. Over 1,000 motorists participated … Read more

Driving Test Changes Dec 2017

In Dec 2017 there will be changes made in the way the UK driving test is carried out. The changes have been designed to ensure that learner drivers pass their driving test well equipped to have a lifetime of safe driving. All driving tests after the 4th Dec will follow this procedure even if you are taking a retest, have cancelled and rebooked or moved your test date. Any A Pass … Read more

Get Ready For Changes to UK Driving Test in Dec 2017

In Dec 2017 there will be four main changes to the UK Driving Test: 1. The independent driving part of the test will increase from 10 to 20 mins 2. Following Directions from a Sat Nav Only an Examiner provided Sat Nav can be used They will set up the Sat Nav and route You’ll be able to ask Examiner for confirmation of where you are going, if you are unsure … Read more

NASP Report December 2016

Many of you will know that the National Assoc Strategic Partnership (NASP) is made up of the DVSA and industry bodies and that it meets regularly to look at various aspects of the driving instruction industry and road safety matters. On the 7th of December NASP met and various topics were discussed, • Examiner Recruitment • ADI Part 3 • Learners on Motorways • Practical Test Changes Mark Magee opened … Read more

Does Driving Make You Appy?

No it’s not a typo –  I genuinely mean it. Does driving make you Appy? I have to admit that I love watching TV and going to the Movies but don’t always appreciate adverts. Yet when I saw this particular one for Take the Aviva Drive Challenge – relating to a possible reduction in car insurance. If you pay over £200 a year and most learners and newly passed definitely do! I decided that … Read more

Changes to the UK Driving Licence : No More Counterpart

From yesterday, Monday 8th June 2015, the paper counterpart of the UK driving licence will no longer be issued by the DVLA. Here’s what you need to know about the changes. The paper counterpart of the UK driving licence has been used to display information about driving licences that is not included in the photocard, which was introduced in 1998. These details include the vehicle categories that you are entitled … Read more

Should “Graduated Driving Licences” Be Introduced to the UK?

According to research published by the British Medical Journal, almost 9000 injuries could have been avoided in the last two years had young drivers been restricted when they first passed their driving test. Campaigners would like to see a series of “graduated driving licences” which could include restrictions on the age of passengers that newly qualified drivers can carry, restrictions on driving at certain times at night and other similar … Read more

What is a Graduated Driving Licence?

This is the question I found myself asking the other day, when I heard it mentioned on the radio. So I decided to do a little digging, to help me and you understand the difference between the UK Driving Licence as it stands now and a Graduated Driving Licence, which may come into effect in the future. UK Driving Licence: If you pass your theory and practical driving tests, then … Read more

Could It Be the End of the Road for This Driving Test Manoeuvre?

The BBC has recently reported that there could be a radical shake-up to the UK driving test, which might see standard driving test manoeuvres such as turning in the road, replaced with newer manoeuvres that more accurately reflect the way that we drive on the roads of the UK today. The proposed shakeup has potential to be the biggest that the UK driving test has seen in 20 years. However … Read more

Five Fantastic Different Driving Experiences

As the rain over the last couple of days has continuously reminded us-Autumn is on its way in the UK. Luckily driving is one of the few past-times which isn’t always, necessarily affected by the weather and driving conditions.  It can just make things a bit more challenging. Although driving in the rain or heavy snow comes with its own issues – learning with a great driving instructor – sharing … Read more