Looking for automatic driving lessons in Southend-on-Sea? Well, look no further. At APass4U.co.uk, we pride ourselves with our driving lessons in manual and also automatic driving lessons nationwide. In March 2019, we saw 40.7 million people with full driving entitlement licenses, with a total of 8.4 million automatic cars on the UK roads (2018).

With the rise of automatic cars on our roads, you may wonder why. Automatic cars are seen to be a lot easier when learning how to drive. We have listed a few frequently asked questions to help you decide whether you want you to learn in an automatic car.

What is the difference between an automatic and a manual car?

Automatic cars change the gears automatically depending on what speed you are travelling. There is no extra pedal and is also less confusing.

Manual cars have a gear system in which you have to control yourself with the use of a clutch and gear stick.

Would I be suitable for learning in an automatic car?

Anybody is eligible to learn in an automatic car! (providing that you do not have any health conditions that may affect you whilst on the road – for example, seizures or epilepsy – and make sure to inform the DVLA)

Learning in automatic cars can benefit a range of people. Including nervous drivers, older people and those that may have learning difficulties or disabilities.

It is important to understand though, with an automatic drivers license, you will not be able to drive a manual car. However, if you have a manual drivers license, you can drive both.

What are some of the benefits of learning automatic driving?

Learning in an automatic can have many benefits. For many, driving can be a stressful activity that they may not be comfortable with. It is common for new drivers – or even current drivers – to suffer from “driving anxiety”, something really normal to get worried about. Therefore, with automatic driving, you can have stress-free learning.

As well as this, learning the ways of the road will become more involved as you can have more time to concentrate on road positions, markings and where you are going, rather than fussing whether you are in the right gear.

Automatic driving can benefit elderly people that may struggle with mobility issues as you grow older, such as arthritis. As well as this, we believe that this style of driving can be beneficial to those with physical disabilities and special educational needs or learning. It is easier and involves a much calmer experience.

Where can I learn?

At APass4U, we have qualified driving instructors that can help you in your learning in automatic cars or manual.

As Southend-on-Sea is a town area, with a lot of traffic lights and small roads, automatic driving would be a breeze to teach in this area. We cover the whole of Southend, making it easier for you to get to grips with different areas and surroundings as you learn.

Why choose APass4U?

Here at APass4U, we have a range of instructors who are all lovely, kind and caring, making sure that you have the best experience in your driving lessons as possible. We are here to help you grow and learn the best skills so that you can one day drive on your own with no worries or fears.

Make an enquiry with us today and find out what more we can offer!