Tilbury and Grays – The Place to Learn to Drive

There are a few driving test centres throughout Essex and these include:


Everyone has their favourite but what’s the best place to learn to drive and take your test? Funnily enough, the question is best asked by “what area has the best challenges?” and for me, it is in the Tilbury and Grays area. As you are no doubt aware throughout the 60’, the ’70s and 80’s new towns were built to house the ever-growing population and different styles of the building were used when planning the road systems. This has meant that we have different challenges in different towns when driving. So if can learn to drive in a mixture of older and newer road systems you will have the best experience and so should make you a better driver and this is why for me the combination of Tilbury (old town) and Grays (new town) is the best area to learn to drive. It does also help that Tilbury does have its own DVSA driving test centre.

The DVSA Tilbury Test Centre can be found at:

Montana House
Russell Road
RM18 7AE

The test routes from the test centre do go through:

Chadwell St Mary
Chafford Hundred
North Stifford
West Thurrock

With many hills, dual carriageways, roundabouts and narrow roads you will be expected to have good driving skills to pass your driving test but this is what makes it an ideal place to learn to drive.

As part of an intensive driving course, you will be taught all of the different aspects of driving and your driving instructor will make sure that you spend plenty of time in and around the test routes. You will not be made aware that you are on a test route as the aim of learning to drive is not to learn the test routes but to learn to drive safely, so we want you to concentrate on that rather than learning the routes. If you can drive safely you will be able to pass the driving test but you will work on some of the more unusual junctions and roads.

As many intensive driving courses in Tilbury and Grays have 5 hours of driving per day you will need to take breaks and so you may well stop off at one of the many cafes or coffee bars to take a break, mid-way through the driving course. This is obviously a good point to reflect and plan the next lesson and subject you will be learning or practising.

When learning how to deal with faster dual carriageways you may find yourself on the famous A13, which was the name of the Billy Bragg song “A13 trunk road to the sea”. The A13 is a 70 miles per hour road which leads from London to Southend on Sea in Essex and is fairly simple but does have a couple of trickier roundabouts leading off it.

For more information on intensive driving courses in Grays and Tilbury please contact our Customer Services Office on 03845 121 007 or email us at apass4u@yahoo.co.uk