As the festive season fast approaches, it can leave a person wondering about what gift to give a loved one. Many choose to buy driving lessons, an investment in time, energy, finance and a development of personal skills for the recipient and wonder which driving school to learn with.

Here at A Pass 4 U, we decided to share a little about the man behind the business: Mr Tony Mihill.

(Tony receiving the Diamond Jubilee Community Champion Award)

Tony, a former Driving Instructor himself, with a long business history of working in the financial sector previously in London, is the Owner of A Pass 4 U Driving School. Proud of the fact that his business has been built on a foundation of personal recommendation and trust.

A Pass 4 U is a family run business, understanding the nature of faith and trust parents and individuals place in the company, as it absorbs the task of teaching Pupils to drive.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the driving school, which within 6 months of opening, already had 10 Driving instructors working for the company and with a website detailing the areas the company reaches around the country, including locations such as Plymouth and Portsmouth,

The company is pro-active within its local community, working regularly with Essex County Council, offering road safety classes and advice to school pupils within the ages of 16,17 and 18.

Providing them with knowledge such as:

‘Always check there is an ADI Badge and it is situated in the driving school car, front window. No badge, not an instructor.’

A Pass 4 U also has a scheme in place, working alongside Social Services to provide driving lessons for free, to individuals who are living in care, as long as a particular criteria is met. It also sponsors a local football team.

Safety is paramount, as far as the company is concerned, when teaching pupils to drive and if necessary will also assist with theory based study at the company premises at Cuckoo Corner, Southend.

The driving school has previously co-ordinated with the Dyslexic Society, sending 10 of its instructors on a course to learn how to help learner drivers living with dyslexia and dyspraxia with the skills learning to drive.

The company specialises in teaching intensive driving lessons and has set up the courses using Instructors with a know how and an understanding on how to instruct a pupil under intensive training conditions.

At A Pass 4 U – the Instructors, ‘know how to teach.’

 A Pass 4 U also owns the sister company ‘Trailer Training,’ covering the Essex and Suffolk area, offering the required and necessary training by law for any trailer over 750kg. Group 4 has previously utilised the services of the company.

Not everyone will have someone else paying for their driving lessons, so a way to assist a person with the long-term affordability of learning to drive, or even a way to encourage someone who wants to learn but never seems to find the time is covered in the different kind of options offered by the school. At A Pass 4 U there are multiple ways in which our company can help, advise and offer differing choices and ways of learning, to suit the individual.

1) Hourly Lessons – is this the way you like to learn. Consistently and weekly. Spreading the cost so the no lump sum is needed, meaning you can continue at this time of year without worrying too much about finding the money for a lesson. Acting pro-actively means you can save up a little to start you off and save for your lessons on a regular basis.

With up to 40 Driving Instructors inEssexalone – A Pass 4 U can offer lessons 7 days a week. The hourly rate is £20 manual and £21 automatic.

2) How about Block Booking?

What a great gift to give someone, if they want to learn to drive, yet don’t have the money themselves to pay for it.

Weekday block of 10 lessons

£170.00 (1st Block) Manual
£185.00 (ongoing Blocks) Manual
£200.00 (Automatic)

Weekday block of 20 lessons

£380.00 (plus 1 hour free) Manual
£400.00 (plus 1 hour free) Automatic

Weekday block of 30 lessons

£555.00 (plus 1.5 hours free) Manual
£600.00 (plus 1.5 hours free) Automatic


When booking with A Pass 4 U, they will put the recipient of the gift, when they phone the booking office, in contact with an Advanced Driving Instructor, who will arrange a first lesson with them.

From there the learner can decide how they want to move forward with their lessons. Some like hourly, others book a double lesson. It is all up to what suits the individual and their lifestyle and the availability of the Instructor.

Or of course as I have spoken about before their are our popular intensive training courses.


For more information or to book please call on 08458 121007 (local rates)


 Hours/Days Description Manual Automatic
2 hours Driving Assessment – a 2 hour driving assessment and lessons where we will be able to determine which course is best for you, based purely on your driving ability. £30.00 £32.00
6 hr’s over 1 Day Retest Special – A 1 day course designed simply for people who have recently taken a test and need to correct any minor issues (test fee included). £187.00 £199.00
10 hr’s over 2 Days Refresher Course – This is designed for people who have failed a test and need help getting to the required standard (test fee included). £270.00 £290.00
12 hr’s over 3 Days The Weekender – For people whose weekday commitments are high. This package is to be used by candidates who are close to test standard (test fee included). £312.00 £336.00
12 hr’s over 2 Days Kick Start – NO TEST – A weekend course designed for people who have never driven and want to get their lessons advanced quickly. £258.00 £282.00
15 hr’s over 3 Days Brush Up – An ideal course for people who need to regain their confidence after a failed test (test fee included). £374.00 £404.00
20 hr’s over 4 Days The Waverly – This course is suitable for people who have gained considerable driving experience but have not reached the standard required to pass (test fee included). £478.00 £518.00
25 hr’s over 5 Days SeasideSpecial – A popular course for people with minimal driving experience but feel competent with the basics (test fee included). £574.50 £624.50
30 hr’s over 6 Days Freeway – Confident young learners with little driving experience will benefit from this course(test fee included). £698.00 £758.00
35 hr’s over 7 Days The Classic – Confident mature learners with little driving experience will benefit from this course(test fee included). £802.00 £872.00
40 hr’s over 8 Days The Works – This package will appeal to novices who require driving tuition from beginning to end(test fee included). £906.00 £986.00
50 hr’s over 10 Days The Full Monty – For the nervous beginners with no driving experience and who needs a little more help (test fee included). £1,114.00 £1,214.00


Whatever way you choose to learn to drive, A Pass 4 U has a course to suit and if for some reason you can’t find one that fits your requirements, give the office a call on the number listed above and Tony and the staff will see what they can do to accommodate your needs.