One Year of Motorway Driving for Learners

There have been many changes introduced to the driving test over the years in order to help learner drivers experience a range of real driving experiences and improve their confidence. This week marked the first anniversary of learner drivers being allowed to practice on a motorway along with an approved driving instructor. The purpose of allowing learners to practice on motorways was to help reduce the number of novice drivers … Read more

Up Hills and Down Dales

One of the best things about being able to drive, is the ability and connection it gives you with your own personal freedom. I do wonder how this will change upon the arrival of driverless cars and in the push for greater technology – are we in some way losing our personal freedoms. I suppose this is not for me to answer but the generations who come after me – … Read more

Videos of the New ‘Show Me, Tell Me’ Driving Test Questions

In December 2017 there will be changes to the “Show me, tell me” part of the UK driving test. The questions you can be asked, and how you’ll be asked them will change. During the test, examiners ask the pupil two vehicle safety questions – known as the ‘show me, tell me’ questions. Currently, both questions are asked at the start of the test, but from 4 December 2017, pupils … Read more

Passed Pupil- Christian Hannam- Portsmouth

Passed Pupil- Christian Hannam- Portsmouth Christian Hannam has today passed his Practical driving test first time in Portsmouth with instructor Paul Matthews. Christian put in a lot of hard work over a 35 hour “Classic” course and achieved a very good result. Well done Christian, go out, enjoy, be safe and take care with the family in the car!!

Mr Drilon passes his driving test in Hornchurh 1st time

Mr Drilon passed his driving test in Hornchurch 1st time with his driving instructor Felix Dibie this week after a series of driving lessons in Hornchurch. Both the pupil and driving instructor are local lads to Hornchurch which was an obvious bonus but still and excellent drive was given to get a 1st time pass. Many Congratulations! Felix is available for hourly driving lessons in Hornchurch, Rainham and Tilbury areas … Read more

Passed Pupil- Kobbii Nyarko- Lee on the Solent

Passed Pupil- Kobbii Nyarko- Lee on the Solent Kobbii Nyarko has passed his test today in Lee on Solent with instructor Paul Matthews. Kobbii had a great drive remembering everything he had practiced. Well done Kobbii, hope you enjoy your driving and do well on your intended motorbike test !!

Passed Pupil- Vicki Long- Portsmouth

Passed Pupil- Vicki Long- Portsmouth Well done to Vicki Long who today passed her test in Portsmouth with driving instructor Paul Matthews. She had a great test drive amassing 1 minor fault right at the end of test. The examiner said “Thank you for that drive Vicki, it was very enjoyable”. Congratulations Vicki, keep up the good driving and enjoy the roads!!!

Passed Pupil- Keisha Durdey- Portsmouth

Passed Pupil- Keisha Durdey- Portsmouth Keisha Durdey has passed her test today in Portsmouth with instructor Paul Matthews. She had tried hourly lessons previously but decided to change to an intensive course, doing the 20 hour Waverly. It was an enjoyable few days resulting in a first time pass with 3 minor faults. Well done Keisha, great effort achieving your pass, be safe and enjoy driving!