A Turn In The Road or 3 point turn as it is wrongly known, is probably the easiest of the manoeuvres but can still go wrong if not performed properly. The important items to watch are,

  • Observations
  • Dry Steering
  • Speed – Clutch Control


Turn In The Road 1

Start off by setting the gas and find the biting point. Remember that you only want to move slowly so ensure you only just touch the biting point. Complete a 5point check around the vehicle to ensure you know it is safe to complete the manoeuvre.

If clear release the hand brake and move forward slowly, turn to the right as quickly as you can until the steering wheel cannot go any further.


Turn In The Road 2

When 1/2 way across the lanes check up and down the road to ensure there are no vehicles coming. If a another road user does come along stop and see what they do (keep it safe). If they stop complete your manoeuvres. If they keep coming remain still until it is safe to carry on.



Turn In The Road 3

When you approach the kerb (apprx 1 metre) start to turn the steering wheel back to the left. This will have maximised your turn but will also give you a head start on the next turn.

Stop as close to the kerb as you can, without hitting it.

Watch out for debris next to the kerb.


Turn In The Road 4Now you should complete another 5 point check before moving backwards, again with good clutch control.

You should be looking through the back window until you reach the middle then again look up and down the road. When you feel you are getting closer to the kerb start to look over your right shoulder and the mirror to gauge when to stop. As before, turn back the steering just before you stop.


Turn In The Road 5

Repeat the sequence the same as the first turn.




A good turn in the road manoeuvre should be able to be completed in 3 turns but it is very acceptable to complete the turn in 5 stages/turns.

Each turn should include,

  • All round observations (5 point check)
  • Good clutch control – Slow! Slow! Slow!
  • Fast Steering
  • and remember to use the handbrake when changing gears

If you should hit the kerb during this manoeuvre on a driving test, carry on as if you if have not made an error. You could fail for hitting the kerb but it is not a forgone conclusion. The driving examiner may just mark it down as a minor driving fault, it all depends on the situation and how you have driven through out the test.

Watch our short animated video on the Turn in the Road Manoeuvre: