How the UK Driving Test Has Changed Over the Years

The UK driving test is something many young adults will undertake on their path to independence. However, whilst the underlying principle of learning to drive safely has remained the same, the driving test has had to adapt constantly to accommodate the country’s ever-changing roads, which means that it is more difficult to pass now than it was even just a few years ago. Below are just a handful of the … Read more

Taking a Driving Test in Dudley

What do I need to know when taking a driving test in Dudley? There are many factors which you need to consider when taking a driving test at Dudley’s Lower Gornal test centre. The Lower Gornal test centre is a highly popular test centre not only because of its reasonable pass rates, 48.9% between April 2017 and March 2018, but it is a great test centre for learners who live … Read more

Driving Test Changes Dec 2017

In Dec 2017 there will be changes made in the way the UK driving test is carried out. The changes have been designed to ensure that learner drivers pass their driving test well equipped to have a lifetime of safe driving. All driving tests after the 4th Dec will follow this procedure even if you are taking a retest, have cancelled and rebooked or moved your test date. Any A Pass … Read more

Using a SAT NAV on Your Driving Test

As we all know, although most learner drivers are young – some people come into driving at an older age. With the changes to the driving test in the UK from December put in place to reflect our modern way of living and the technology we engage with on a daily basis, UKGOV have introduced a Sat Nav element to the UK driving test, as a way to address the … Read more

Would You like to Become a Winner Behind the Wheel?

Whilst many teenagers were expecting an easter egg on Easter Sunday, I wonder what would be the best gift you could give a budding and enthusiastic junior driver, who can’t wait to get behind the wheel and grab an opportunity to show off their driving skills? So whilst you think about contacting A Pass 4 U to order your gift voucher (they’re not just for birthdays and christmas.) I thought … Read more