One Year of Motorway Driving for Learners

There have been many changes introduced to the driving test over the years in order to help learner drivers experience a range of real driving experiences and improve their confidence. This week marked the first anniversary of learner drivers being allowed to practice on a motorway along with an approved driving instructor. The purpose of allowing learners to practice on motorways was to help reduce the number of novice drivers … Read more

Managing the Middle Lane

A13 towards Central London (Robin Webster) / CC BY-SA 2.0 Driving from Southend on Sea to visit the SkyGarden in London last week, I began to think about how, as a Learner Driver, you manage the middle lane. We were driving into London on the A13. Learner Drivers can drive on all roads in the UK except motorways. I began to notice what has become commonly known as ‘the middle … Read more

Smart Motorways : Red X Means The Lane Closed

‘Red “X” means don’t use that lane’  is one of the messages drivers will see when using a SMART Motorway in the UK. Driving on a motorway takes skill,concentration and sometimes nerves of steel. As I found out the other week after picking someone up from Heathrow Airport, exiting the slip road onto the M25 and encountering an articulated lorry attempting to wipe me off the face of the earth! So anything … Read more