There have been many changes introduced to the driving test over the years in order to help learner drivers experience a range of real driving experiences and improve their confidence. This week marked the first anniversary of learner drivers being allowed to practice on a motorway along with an approved driving instructor.

The purpose of allowing learners to practice on motorways was to help reduce the number of novice drivers involved in incidents on high-speed roads. It also gives learner drivers the chance to experience driving at higher speeds, as well as a better understanding of motorway road signs, and what to do if their vehicle breaks down on a motorway.

Motorways are amongst the safest of our roads and since the changes were introduced in June 2018 there have been no reported incidents on the motorways involving learner drivers. This is in large part due to the professionalism of the industry coupled with a drive to find ways to improve the standard of driving for learner drivers and help them be better prepared for a lifetime of safe driving.

When the change was first launched, the DVLA released some useful training for ADI’s, the key point being element 3.1.4 of the national standard for driving cars. This covers what all drivers need to be able to do when driving on motorways and dual carriageways along with what they must know and understand.

Remember that the role of an approved driving instructor is to help a new driver learn to drive safely, so driving lessons on motorways will be held at the driving instructor’s discretion and only if they feel that the learner driver is competent enough.

Motorway driving lessons are providing learners with the option to gain valuable driving experience on some of our fastest and busiest roads whilst improving safety and enhancing the confidence of new drivers.

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