It’s Time for Learner Drivers to Expand Their Experience

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have issued a new campaign into broadening the experience of learner drivers. There are many things that you must learn and experience in order to be able to pass your practical driving examination. From December 2017, the driving test was changed in order to make sure that new drivers have the up-to-date skills they need to help them in safe driving. Throughout the … Read more

Learners on Motorways

Government launches plans to improve driver and motorcyclist training Learner drivers to be allowed on motorways for first time Novice riders to do a theory test as part of their CBT course Provisional motorcyclists to be banned after receiving six penalty points Plans to improve driver and motorcyclist training to improve safety on roads in Great Britain have been announced by Transport Minister, Andrew Jones today (Friday 30 December 2016). … Read more

Common Thoughts and Worries Before a Learner’s First Lesson

Like learning to walk, driving is never going to be easy on the first go. You are probably going to worry, you will most definitely make mistakes and at one point you might even want to give up. As you start to consider the benefits of learning to drive, like me, you might wonder if it is really necessary. Well no, of course it isn’t, but driving opens up much … Read more

Driving at 16 Years Old in the UK on an AM Licence

Do you have a 16 year old who is desperate to start driving and can’t wait for their 17th birthday? In January 2013 a new law was brought into the UK – to bring us in line with Europe, which means 16 year olds can now legally drive a vehicle as shown below, on the road with an AM licence.This immediately caused me a lot of concern as I thought that … Read more

Can I learn to Drive if I have a Disability or a Medical Condition?

Living with a disability does not necessarily mean that a person cannot learn to drive. For some it allows for a greater amount of independence, when other elements of their disability may disenable that freedom. There are a few things to think about before booking up some driving lessons.  The first thing you must do when you apply for a provisional driving licence, is let the DVLA know of any … Read more