Do you have a 16 year old who is desperate to start driving and can’t wait for their 17th birthday?

In January 2013 a new law was brought into the UK – to bring us in line with Europe, which means 16 year olds can now legally drive a vehicle as shown below, on the road with an AM licence.This immediately caused me a lot of concern as I thought that this vehicle is a car and 16 yr olds could legally drive a car without taking any lessons but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

An AM licence is basically a Moped licence and if a 16 year old were to have this vehicle then they would have to take the full course which involves CBT,Theory and Practical testing.

Driving at 16

Although the  Aixam Coupé S looks like a car, it is officially know as a quadricycle.

Driving at 16

It has a diesel engine which is 400CC. Weighs in at under 350 kg. CD Player. A 700 litre boot. Road Tax is £135 per year.

The Aixam Coupe S has two seats and can legally be driven to its top speed of 28 mph. It is not designed to be fast but it is designed to enable a teenager to be driving from 16 on a moped licence but in the comfort and safety of an enclosed body.


It has 3 gears: forward, reverse and neutral.


To buy it new costs around £10.000. Second hand cars can be found but it can still work out expensive, as most likely the new driver would want to trade up to a car with a faster speed, once they’ve passed their driving test but on the plus side they don’t seem to depreciate in value very quickly.

Whether or not you think its a good or bad idea to be putting 16 year olds on the road whether its in a car or on a moped. The AM licence now legally allows them to do so.

Has your child got one?

Do you think its a good idea?

Here at A Pass 4 U-we would love to know your thoughts!