Don’t Lose Your Licence. #Just Drive

Penalties for using your mobile phone at the wheel in the UK increased on March 1st 2017 to six points and a £200 fine. Which is double what it was. If you are a new driver – (someone who has passed within the last two years) then you will automatically lose your licence. As gaining six or more points in the first two years means having your licence revoked. If … Read more

Top 5 List of Driver Annoyances

What would make it into your top 5 list of driver annoyances? 1. Honking the Horn: There is horn etiquette required by law in the UK. The horn is not meant to be used because another driver is not taking notice of a traffic light change, in the time you want them to. Or when you’re waiting outside your buddy’s house to pick him up for a night out. In fact, the … Read more

A Reminder of the Rules of the Road for the Learner Driver and Supervising Driver during the Festive Season

With the festive season well and truly upon us, all the pressies being bought, wrapped up and tucked neatly under the Christmas tree. The next thing people have to deal with is the reality of taxi fares being so expensive on Christmas Day/Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Year’s Day. I reckon that one of the things that isn’t spoken about enough with learner drivers and their supervising Driver, … Read more

New Driving Licences Come Into Force 19/01/2013

New EU Driving Licence Now In Force  In 1903 the first driving registration came into force as part of the Motor Car Act which meant that for the first time ever you needed to register to be able to drive or steer a car. The rules changed a few times up to 1934 when the first driving test came into force. This was suspended for the war years and the … Read more