What would make it into your top 5 list of driver annoyances?

1. Honking the Horn:

There is horn etiquette required by law in the UK. The horn is not meant to be used because another driver is not taking notice of a traffic light change, in the time you want them to. Or when you’re waiting outside your buddy’s house to pick him up for a night out. In fact, the law states that the horn should not be used when stationary on the road or between the hours of 11.30 pm and 7 am in the morning, when driving in a built up area. The exceptions to the rule is when it seems that another road driver poses a danger to those around them.

2. Middle Lane Hoggers:

Drivers who hog the middle lane on a motorway. They are still there, even after new laws were brought in (2013), which enables drivers to be fined. Although, I do see far more drivers moving back into the left hand lane when driving. Is this because of the way driving lessons are taught now? The possibility of getting a fine or most likely, a combination of them both. Or for some inexplicable reason, those who drive in the right hand lane of a dual carriageway, when there is no traffic in front of them. There is only one thing I ask-Why?

 3. Poor Road Positioning:

I seem to be getting out all of my pet peeves in this post and road positioning is definitely one of them! So many times my thoroughfare as ongoing traffic is blocked because of poor road positioning, when the car in front may be turning left or right. A driver must be aware of their road positioning and the safety of themselves and other road users, in relation to the surroundings. Road positioning is important, especially as a learner driver. If you don’t position yourself correctly on the road – you may not pass your test. 

4. Forgetting Roundabout Rules:

‘STAY WITHIN YOUR LANE’ I think this is saying enough or follow this link to find out more about the rules of the roundabout.

5: Improper Use of Signals:

Remember to signal correctly. A signal warns and informs other drivers about what you will be doing next. As the saying goes – ‘No man is an island’ and this is very true when it comes to driving on the roads within Great Britain!