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Safety Check Questions – Show Tell Questions

As part of the UK driving tests you will be asked 2 out of 19 questions which are referred to by the Driving Standards Agency, the examiners, as Safety Check questions but known by us driving instructors as Show Tell questions. The reason we refer to them as Show/Tell is because the questions are always […]

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George Thomas passes in Tilbury

Driving Course Pass – George Thomas – Tilbury

George Thomas passed his driving test yesterday with just 4 minor faults after completing a 20-hour Waverley driving crash course in Tilbury, with driving instructor Chris Whitely. As you can see George had a car waiting for him on his return. Congratulations George!

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Driving Course Pass – Ben Couchy – Southend on Sea

Congratulations to Ben Couchy who passed his driving test in Southend yesterday. Ben had been having driving lessons with our A Pass 4 U driving instructor, Ronnie Bead. The Southend test centre recently opened and has been a hit with many pupils. It presently doesn’t do bay parking as one of its manouevres. Well done […]

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Driving Course Pass – Ricki Scott – Portsmouth

Ricki Scott passed his driving test yesterday after a 25 hour (Seaside Special) driving course with Karen Stoker-Buckell. As you can see Ricki was very pleased. Congratulations Ricki an excellent result

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Driving Course Pass – Alex Harold – Southampton

Congratulations to Alex Harold who took a Seaside Special – 25 hour driving course in Southampton and passed 1st time. Welldone Alex!! Howard, Alex’s driving instructor, said ” Alex worked hard to get his test and pulled it all together at the end to pass “.

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Hourly Driving Pass – Jemma Taylor – Southend

Congratulations to Jemma Taylor who took her driving test at the Southend on Sea driving test centre. Jemma’s driving instructor, Julian Hyam’s said “Jemma drove outstandingly well and passed with 4 minor faults”. A minor driving fault in a driving test could be something as simple as mistiming your checks of the mirror or being […]

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Ten Tips To Combat Driving Test Nerves

If you speak to someone who passed their driving test they will most likely be able to tell you more detail about it than their last birthday. In fact if you ask them what are the most memorable days in their life I would have a bet that their driving test would be up in […]

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Driving Course Pass – Jessi-Lois Allen in Southampton

At the Southampton DSA driving test centre today Jessi-Lois Allen passed her driving test 1st time after taking a 30 hour driving course with A Pass 4 U. Howard Williams was very impressed with Jessi-Lois’s driving and was sure she would pass. Congratulations Jessi-Lois!

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Ian Mullen Passed In Basildon

Passed Pupil – Ian Mullen – Basildon

Well done to Ian Mullen who passed his driving test today with just 6 minors after taking a short intensive driving course in Basildon. Basildon has many large roundabouts and dual carriageways which Ian mastered during his weekender driving course to get a good pass. Congrats Ian!

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Reece Evans passed in Tilbury

Driving Course Pass – Reece Evans – Tilbury

Congratulations to Reece Evans who passed his driving test after taking one of our 6-hour retest special intensive driving courses in Tilbury. Reece took 5 hours of training and the 6th hour was his test. Jurate, Reece’s instructor, said “the course worked well and got the result Reece deserved”.

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