You’ve past your driving test. Now what?

You realise that although you’ve always wanted to drive you don’t really have a need to own a car full-time. You’re not interested in the responsibility of paying for car insurance, car tax and the maintenance of a vehicle. So you begin to look, for viable alternatives which will enable you to have the freedom a car can give you, without the expense or long-term commitment.

This is where car sharing comes in.

There are a few drawbacks. You are more likely to find the car sharing schemes in the big cities. If you’re only 17, then it is unlikely you will be able to participate and of course it doesn’t have the ease of owning your own car – which sits outside your house, just waiting for you to climb in.

But there is something about the idea which I like. The ease with which, if needed you can share a car.


Reservation, Pick-up and Return is self-service

Vehicles can be rented by the hour rather than a 24 hour period

Users are normally members of a car-share company and so are pre-approved to drive

Fuel costs can be included in the rates

You can monetize your motor

So how does a car share work?

Watch this Zip Car video which tells you how its car sharing works

So whether you want to have your own car and cut down the cost of long-term journeys by being part of trusted car-pooling network like Bla Bla Cars or you just want to hire a car for a couple of hours with a company like Drive Now in London, which is owned by BMW and Hire car company SIXT. It seems the driving world is changing. What’s your preferred way?