These pet peeves are written in no particular order, depending on your thoughts and beliefs. Some will find certain ones more irritating than others. We’re all different after all. When you become a new driver it is definitely worth taking time to think about the things which really annoy you and then think about how you should behave or act when driving. There’s no point in being annoyed at another driver for doing something which you do yourself. What’s the point in that!

Throwing rubbish out of a car window.

I have to admit this one really gets to me, as I do not understand why, when in your car you would throw something out onto the road, rather than keep it on the floor and dispose of it in the nearest bin. I was driving past my local park a couple of days ago and watched as a driver through out their McDonalds cup onto the grass verge. It didn’t make sense to me and if brutally honest I felt a little of that road rage, talked about by others but only occasionally experienced by myself and wanted to stop at the lights and ask the driver why. It seemed senseless.

In the UK today when we go shopping at the larger retail shops, we now need to either pay for a carrier bag or keep one with us to use – why not put one in the glove box of your car, then when rubbish begins to pile up, you can bag it and bin it. Isn’t that a much better idea?

Tail – Gaiting

My son has been the unfortunate victim of someone tail-gating this month, whilst driving on a motorway. The guy behind was driving way to close and did not see the slowed traffic ahead of him, was to close and drove straight into the back of my son’s car. Luckily he wasn’t hurt badly but as a driver you really need to keep to mind stopping distances – and know what to do in an emergency situation such as this. During your driving lesson your instructor will go over the emergency stop and stopping distances with you. You need to also make sure that you do not become a distracted driver. In April 2017 the AA Populus Driver Poll stated tail-gating was 26% of drivers pet peeve.

Middle Lane Hogging.

This is another one which 23% of drivers found annoying. When a driver consistently sits in the middle lane of a motorway. But the government have plans to educate learner drivers to become knowledgeable and experienced on the motorway before taking their test. “Motorway lessons will be voluntary and only permitted where the learner is accompanied by an approved driving instructor in a dual-controlled  car.” Dec 2016. Do you think this will stop middle lane hogging?

Mobile Phones

There still seems to be problem on our streets with drivers using mobile phones. 42% of drivers, which is 2 in 5 see drivers doing this on some journeys. AA Populus Driver Poll.

Using mobile phones when driving

It’s illegal to use your phone while driving or riding a motorcycle unless you have hands-free access, such as:

  • a bluetooth headset
  • voice command
  • a dashboard holder

The law still applies to you if you’re:

  • stopped at traffic lights
  • queuing in traffic
  • supervising a learner driver   UK.GOV

Pot Holes

You’ve just bought your first car and you’re driving on the UK roads in the winter. Its been snowy and icy and suddenly a pot hole appears in front of you vehicle and bomp… you’re in it. Potholes can damage your cars steering alignment, tyres and wheels, even if your driving slowly, so be very careful around them. One in five on the AA Poll believe potholes should be repaired within 24 hours. Now this may not always happen but did you know you can report them. If you go to the UK GOV Report a Pothole site, you can let the highways agency or local council know.