Being a driving instructor means you get to hear a lot of funny stories about driving lessons gone wrong and not-so-apt pupils. So for a bit of a laugh, we’ve taken some of the funniest stories we’ve heard, or experienced and created a unique comic strip for your enjoyment.

Please do leave us a comment and let us know what you think. Alternatively if you have any funny driving stories of your own, send them in to us! You never know, you may get featured in our new comic strip! If you’d like to share our comic strip on your blog or website, you are very welcome to do so, but please do so via the embed code provided below, as it credits the original creator of our comic strip characters.

Adventures of a Driving Instructor comic strip

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<a href=""><img title="The Adventures of a Driving Instructor - Part 1: Pheasants" src="" alt="The Adventures of a Driving Instructor - Part 1: Pheasants" width="600" height="1147" /></a> <br />Created by <a href="">Silkstream</a> on behalf of <a href="">A Pass 4 U</a> with special permission from <a href="">Ziga Aljaz</a>