We get it, these new Google Assistants and Amazon Alexa are pretty helpful, especially with the new DVLA Vehicle Enquiry skill set. However, we want to know what are you really asking?

The DVLA has recently expressed those questions you’re asking with this new feature, and it’s not always vehicle-related! According to GOV.UK, the service on these products has been used over 47,000 times by 20,000 customers in the past 2 years.

Whilst we understand that you may have a bunch of questions to ask, you may not realise that you have asked Alexa some pretty strange questions when using the new DVLA skill app! 

The DVLA has revealed some of those weird and wacky questions you’ve been asking:

How do I remove chewing gum from a sofa?

How do I apply to Love Island?

Is this rash normal?

How do I stop my flatmate drinking my milk?

When is lunch?

Where have my socks gone?

Now we can all agree, these are a strange bunch of questions to ask the DVLA skill because they’re not really anything to do with your car! If you want to know what questions to ask, they can include:

When is my MOT due?

How long until I have to pay the tax on my car?

Julie Lennard, DVLA Chief Executive, has expressed how the DVLA skill is there to help motorists use the services quickly and easily. The use of voice assistants is something that is always changing and becoming more accessible to more people. It is said that the app will become a lot easier to use, therefore, making people more aware of how to use the app as well as having a smoother, simpler and easier experience of use. 

Over the course of the app being created, there have been some difficulties, yet the DVLA app is always improving. Rather than having to say the car registration number each time you want to ask something, you are now able to enter the number through the app, saving you time and the pain of going through Alexa or Google Assistant not recognising the number when spoken.

The app is free to enable on the Alexa Skill Store, for those with the Google Assistant, you can simply just ask to “Talk to DVLA”. It works by recognising your vehicle registration once set up, then reading information known about the vehicle, letting you know when the tax is due. 

If you’re not so keen on asking a device about the details of your vehicle then you can always check here!