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What have you been asking the DVLA??

We get it, these new Google Assistants and Amazon Alexa are pretty helpful, especially with the new DVLA Vehicle Enquiry skill set. However, we want to know what are you really asking?

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Why Do I Need A Driving Licence?

Have you ever wondered exactly what the driving licence is actually for. Why is there both a photo id card and a paper counterpart? In this post, I’ll be able to explain why you have a driving licence and what it identifies. First of all, let’s start with the fundamental question. Why do I need […]

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A Reminder That The Tax Disc Is To Be Scrapped

Being the mother to a newly qualified driver (one whom passed with A Pass 4 U).Thinking about cars, insurance, vehicle taxation and driving, is now on the agenda for the near future and on my very own visit to the Post Office this morning to renew my tax disc, it was interesting to be reminded […]

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