I’m standing on the parapet of the skytrain in Bangkok. I look down to the traffic below and attempt to look for order in its chaos.

The driving in the city reminds me a little of what it’s like to drive in London and yet there are some subtle differences in our culture, which make me feel so much more secure.

U-Turns into oncoming traffic are usual here – in fact they are an integral part of the way the roads work in Thailand. And the u-turn intersections are on major roads.

Last night I asked a local resident about them, as I was trying to figure out exactly what was going on.

“Do they stop so you can go?”

As I looked for the traffic lights, lines in the road or a give way sign to indicate the slowing of the traffic. “No, push your way out.” Was his response.

I had already been on the end of this process when leaving Koh Chang for Bangkok. The mini-bus driver turned his vehicle into the path of a lorry and a car. My hands shot over my face, as I watched them slam on the brakes.

Needless to say – here at this early stage in the country. I did not feel secure!

For a western gal like me it all comes across a little scary, as through the process I observe drivers chatting away on their mobile phones even on steep climbs with sheer drops.

No strict hands free rules here – or if there are, noone adheres to them!

Definitely no tyres and tarmac rules, as each driver pulls up perilously close to the vehicle in front. Are wearing seatbelts compulsory.  As not many have them on, I don’t think so?

It’s madness – the noise, the fumes, the sounds and conversations. Overwhelming, in fact, when down there on the street and sucked into it. As my taxi driver said, “Bankgkok, traffic – jam, jam. I knew exactly what he meant.

Although as I write – I think I’ve found my sanctity in the craziness of the traffic. I’ve risen above the chaos and come to the place, my very western brain can make sense of -an unopened section of the skytrain.

Here I’ve regained my sanity as I look out to the Bangkokness, going on below!