New Driving Consultation DSA

Many of you will know that the Driving Standards Agency are constantly reviewing and under consultation for driving tests and licences. The latest consultation is mainly for lorries and buses but they are proposing to allow anyone with a full car licence to be able to ride a trike. Which will allow all you wanna be hells angels to get on the road.

The biggest and possibly most controversial change is that lorry and bus tests will no longer be broken down in top manual and automatic versions. So if you pass a test in either type of vehicle you will be allowed all privileges. Anyone presently holding an automatic lorry or bus licence will be allowed to upgrade their licence to a full manual version regardless of whether they have driven a manual vehicle ever. It is this instructors opinion that this is only going to put under trained and dangerous drivers on the road.

You can read more about the consultation and the proposed changes at     Please let us know what you think.