Whilst the title is ironic it is one of the most used terms to describe an intensive driving course. So not wanting to break with tradition I will carry on using the term.

Driving crash courses are becoming arguably the preferred way of learning to drive and it does give better results when the training is delivered properly. This is why, if you are considering a driving crash course you should find an instructor or school which specialises in this type of teaching. Whilst the content is the same i.e. roundabouts, manoeuvres etc, the way the training is presented is very different and the instructor must have a plan and be able to change the topic if something goes wrong.

What’s the difference between a Driving Crash Course and Hourly Lessons?

Apart from the obvious differences,

  • training being consecutive hours rather than spread out over 4 to 6 months
  •  payment is required upfront

There are other more subtle differences like transfer of learning. Transfer of learning is a technique used when teaching similar topics. For instance, if I were teaching a reverse around a corner, I would be teaching clutch control and specific observations. When you steer to the left the nose of the car moves out and because you are now in a vulnerable position you must look up and down the road to ensure it is safe to do this. The very same techniques are used when teaching parallel parking so if you teach one straight after the other you can refer to the previous techniques and they are easier for the pupil to understand as they just learnt the previous topic.

Confidence can be a major issue for some learner drivers but during a driving crash course, the instructor has time to prove to the learner that they can do the different subjects which leads to greater self-belief. This can be difficult to achieve if the learner is taking hourly lessons.

How can I work out what driving crash course is best for me?

It must be said that this is not an easy question to answer but we’ll give it a go.

The best way to find out which driving crash course is best for you is by having an assessment lesson. There are a number of reasons why this is the best method, including,

  • a real assessment of your actual driving
  • you get to meet the instructor and drive the car before spending any large amount of money
  • normally you will get a discount on the lessons
  • the instructor will give you guidance on the practical elements of driving and you will be able to relate these back to your driving so you will know it is not made up

If you are unable to make an assessment lesson then I would suggest that for a complete beginner, you will need approximately 40 hours of driving instruction and if you can get private practice.

Should you have had some driving experience deduct this from the 40 hours, so if you have had 15 hours of instructor tuition deduct this from the 40 hours leaving you needing a 25-hour driving crash course. I must stress that the instructor training you wish to deduct must be recent. If the hours are not recent deduct half of the hours you have already completed, to be safe. The last thing you want is to get towards the end of your training and find that have cut the hours short, as this will leave you doubting your knowledge and so increase your nerves on the driving test day.

If you are still unsure please call our office on 08458 121 007 and we will be pleased to help.