On the 19th of October Chigwell High School held it’s annual Road Safety Day and its was a great success. Mr Ogle of Chigwell High said “A great  success, let’s do it again next year”.

During the day there were events such as;

Chigwell High School Road Safety Day 3

  • Police Sketch
  • Essex Fire Brigade with Driving with Grace
  • Drugs and Drink
  • Accident Investigation
  • Get Driving
  • Driving Off Road



Driving the cars is always a favorite. This is closely followed by Get Driving which walks the pupils through getting a licence onto taking the driving tests.

Chigwell High School Road Safety Day 2Chigwell High School Road Safety Day 4 Chigwell High School Road Safety 5Chigwell High School Road Safety Day 1

Driving with Grace introduced by the Fire Service is a hard hitting video including interviews with parents and pupils from Southend High School in Southend where a horrendous incident maimed and killed pupils.

The Essex Police Sketch is great fun but does have a serious side and one of the pupils ends up in handcuffs (Apologies to any parents as they were released after).

The driving instructors would like to thank Mr Ogle, the staff and pupils of Chigwell High for not only joining in the day but for their hospitality, Thank You!