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Don’t Drive Under the Influence of Drugs

New drug driving laws came into effect on March 2nd 2015 – the new laws make it easier for Police to catch and convict Drug Drivers. When you think about driving under the influence of drugs, does your mind immediately turn to illegal drugs such as Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin, MDMA or Ketamine. These are all […]

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The Real Cost of Drink Driving

The end of the summer is upon us and as I walk around the shops in my local high street, I begin to see the signs of the autumnal celebrations which will soon be winging their way to us. Halloween is of course first ¬†– one of my very favourite occasions – even though it […]

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Don’t Drink and Drive!!!

Drink Driving¬† This is the remains of what was a learner car. Recently a young man and a freind decided they would go out drinking and then drove home. On the way back he lost control of his vehicle at speed and ‘T’ boned the parked Renault Clio. They eventually stopped 100 feet down the […]

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