Passed Pupil- Thomas Bradshaw- Mitcham

Congratulations to Thomas Bradshaw who recently passed his driving test! Thomas passed in Mitcham after undertaking a 30 hour intensive driving course with instructor Suresh Dharmarajan. Suresh said “Well done Thomas, I am so pleased for you!” Please stay safe on the roads! 🙂

Passed Pupil-Fabries Williams- Brentwood

Congratulations to Fabries Williams on passing his driving test! Fabries passed with instructor Artan Gjonbala after completing a 6 hour intensive driving course in Brentwood. Artan said “Well done Fabries, drive carefully mate and I’ll see you on the roads!” Great stuff Fabries! 😀

Frequently Asked Questions About Intensive Driving Courses & The Driving Test

What are intensive driving courses? If you need to pass your driving test in a hurry, intensive driving courses (also commonly known as driving crash courses) offer you the opportunity to dramatically reduce the time it takes you to pass your driving test. How long does it take to pass an intensive driving course? An intensive driving course will usually consist of a set number of hours of driver training … Read more

One Year of Motorway Driving for Learners

There have been many changes introduced to the driving test over the years in order to help learner drivers experience a range of real driving experiences and improve their confidence. This week marked the first anniversary of learner drivers being allowed to practice on a motorway along with an approved driving instructor. The purpose of allowing learners to practice on motorways was to help reduce the number of novice drivers … Read more

Passed Pupil-Georgie Hales- Tilbury.

Congratulations to Georgie Hales on passing her driving test this week! Georgie passed in Tilbury after undertaking a 40 hour intensive driving course with instructor Artan Gjonbala. Artan said “Georgie has had a great drive today and I am glad to say that she has passed!” See you on the roads Georgie, please stay safe! 😀