Here we are in 2023 and who would have thought that COVID would still be having an impact on practical driving tests, well it is unfortunately but there are things you can do to speed up some parts of the process or even take the stress out of the matter. Here at A Pass 4 U, we specialise in intensive driving courses and as part of our service we organise the DVSA Practical Driving Test, its always arranged as the last hour on the last day. We offer various different size intensive driving courses so we undoubtedly have something that will work for you.

In Birmingham Shirley, South Yardley and the Birmingham Kingstanding test centres we have had great success in securing practical driving tests for our clients and so our Birmingham driving instructors have become experts in these areas which will help when showing you the hot spots on test routes.

Birmingham Shirley Test Centre which is based in Solihull has a pass rate of approximately 51% which may sound bad but it is roughly the average across the UK for all test centres the pass rate varies for driving instructors and our specialist intensive driving course instructors have a far higher pass rate than the test centres average.

You can find the test centre at:

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency Birmingham Shirley Test Centre
401 Stratford Road
West Midlands
B90 4AA

All test centres follow the same routine when conducting a test including the Shirley/Solihull test centre. Typically on your practical driving test, you will start with the Vehicle Safety (also known as Show/Tell) Questions and on your test you will drive on roads around town, possibly country roads, dual carriageways and at some point throughout the test you will be asked to do an independent drive which is either following some road signs or following a SatNav for approximately 10 minutes. For people living in Solihull, the Shirley test centre is the obvious choice as you will inevitably know the roads in the area but you may find yourself driving on the Solihull Bypass, Solihull Road, Warwick Road and of course the roads near the test centre which are Union Road and Stratford Road.

The South Yardley in the South East corner of Birmingham can be found close to Coventry Road and serves the people of Central Birmingham, Yardley, Tyseley and Solihull for DVSA practical driving tests and can be found at:

DVSA Birmingham South Yardley Test Centre
271 Clay Lane
South Yardley
B26 1DX

Being closer to the centre of Birmingham a lot of the test routes are more of the around-town type of road and do not take in as many country roads so you will inevitably drive through lots of roundabouts and have lots of meeting traffic situations which can sometimes be tricky but our Birmingham based driving instructors will as part of your intensive driving course teach you how to deal with these.

The Birmingham Kingstanding Driving Test Centre has a refit this year in 2023 and only conducts car tests. All Birmingham test centre examiners encourage you to bring your driving instructor along for the test but this is optional our driving course instructors are more than happy to sit in the back of the car although they cannot interfere with the test in any way. Whilst preparing for your driving test we will show you some of the busier junctions and where potentially you may do a manoeuvre which is why it is so important that you pick the correct size-intensive driving course for your abilities. Those who try to cut corners will find the course harder and put themselves under more pressure which could lead to more nerves, something to avoid but do not underestimate the benefits of knowing and driving in the area you are taking your driving test in, for people living in the Oscott, Perry Common, Holford and Perry areas the Kingstanding driving test centre is definitely somewhere to consider. You can find the Kingstanding driving test centre at:

DVSA Birmingham Kingstanding Driving Test Centre
205 Birdbrook Road
B44 9UL

Whatever your needs or wherever you live in the Birmingham area we have a course and a location for you so why not give us a call on 03458 121 007 or send an online enquiry to find out how we can help you get on the road with one of our many intensive driving courses in Birmingham.

You can download a PDF of the Shirley, South Yardley and Kingstanding test routes below. The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) do change test routes periodically and the following routes are only intended to give you an idea of the test routes, you should not rely on these to prepare for a test although many of the roads listed may be included in your practical test.

Shirley Test Routes

South Yardley Test Routes

Kingstanding Test Routes