One of the best things about being able to drive, is the ability and connection it gives you with your own personal freedom. I do wonder how this will change upon the arrival of driverless cars and in the push for greater technology – are we in some way losing our personal freedoms. I suppose this is not for me to answer but the generations who come after me – as a race we grow and adapt but I do know the joy of being behind the wheel and being in charge of where I go and what I do, as opposed to having it done for me.

I’m also a Therapist and I understand the importance of connecting with ourselves in a very physical and practical way. Driving gives us this – the element of being in control of our lives, moving forward, getting somewhere on a very simple level. The connection between being and doing, is strong with driving. Mind and body definitely become one.

I’ve been working on the thai island of Koh Chang, which has a hilly and treacherous single road running around its shoreline, yet it has been driving in the Yorkshire Dales and in the Pennines with my husband, a former A Pass 4 U driving instructor and an advanced driver, which has taught me how to handle the hills and the gear changes required in this little island to drive safely and what a fun way to do it.

The way you change gear, use the brakes, throttle and steering can increase or decrease the amount of traction you use. Getting out with your driving instructor – whatever the terrain and learning the skills necessary to enable you to drive safely for life is an extremely important skill but driving safely can also be fun.

You can be fun and safe – all at the same time but it takes time, practice and skill to do so.

Getting to know your way around the engine of your car is also a good idea. Get to know its sounds and nuances.

Understanding certain elements of servicing a car, enables you to save money in the process, as you either opt for the service which does the things you can’t do or decide to change brake pads and oil yourself. It’s all part of the learning and enjoyment, no matter how deep you decide to delve. There is always something you can get out of driving.

I remember taking that first step and booking my driving lessons. I remember my test day and how my nerves had me falling apart in the lesson before and how my driving instructor looked at me reassuringly – letting me know. “Now you’ve done that on the lesson. You won’t do that on the test.” Her confidence in me, lifted my confidence and she was quite right. Although it took all my energy to stop my leg from shaking every time I depressed the clutch. I passed my test first time. It was a very proud moment.

Yet I also had a friend who passed her driving test on the 8th time. It was as precious a moment as mine and she never gave up.

Learning to drive opens a doorway to another world if you only book that first driving lesson. Have you booked yours already?