Living on a tourist island has its own challenges when the terrain is different to that, which you’d usually drive at home.

I’m presently residing on the thailand island of Koh Chang.


I’m a southend girl and my home county is Essex.

Nice and flat.

Devon always challenged me and living on Koh Chang, is the closest place I’ve stayed, which reminds me of Devon and it is a tourist island which, throws up different obstacles for me when driving here.

The stretch of road above, is known as dead mans curve and I will be honest with you – I’ve not yet plucked up the courage to drive on this¬† one road which runs around the whole of the island, because of this stretch of dangerous terrain and the rest of the hills, potholes and crazy drivers – which are all things I am struggling to get over in my mind.

Before I even sit on a moped or climb behind the steering wheel of a car.

Only the other day, my colleague was out jogging and came across a drunken tourist lying in the road having fallen off her moped. She was too drunk to drive home.

What happens to a person when they go abroad and think that the same rules which they use to keep themselves and others safe on the road in their own country – get thrown out of the window whilst in a foreign one.

What happens to the British Psyche when taken out of its own culture. Does it really know how to behave!

These are all questions popping into my mind and crowding my head – stopping me from driving over that darn hill and finding my own freedom on this tropical and wild sunshine island.

Yet I know I have a secret weapon up my sleeve. My husband is coming out to visit me early in November and I will engage him in helping me to deal with my issues. I will enlist him into helping me drive whilst here. And then I’ll share the outcome with you guys.

Watch This Space…