I think we all need a consistent and constant reminder to not use our mobile phones when driving. Please take a moment to watch this video and see the havoc a person can cause by distracted driving. Would you want this to happen to someone in your family or friend circle?

New rules coming into effect in England, Scotland and Wales in 2017, are being implemented to increase the hardline attitude the UK Government holds towards the dangers of texting and using your mobile phone whilst driving.

Drivers found guilty of this offence will be facing a £200 fine and 6 points on their licence, which is an increase from the £100 and 3 points already in force. This will also mean that if they are caught twice – they will be banned from driving.

The cost to life is too great, for drivers to keep using their mobile phones when driving. The damage which can be caused just because you couldn’t pull over to send a text or wait until you arrived at your destination watch a snapchat, is to much for another person or family to have to pay.

Please watch the video above and keep to mind the law and refrain from texting or using any hand held device whilst driving, to make your world and ours a little safer each time we go out!