Sometimes it’s good to reflect and recap on certain things. Here at A Pass 4 U, we know the importance of knowing and more importantly, understanding the rules and laws of the road to enable you and other drivers to travel around safely.

What we want you to do, once you have passed your driving test with us, is to ensure that you keep your driving licence and not have it taken away for any reason. We want you to become a ‘Safe Driver for Life.’

So we’re going to show you 10 surefire ways to lose your licence.(Then you can avoid doing them)

If you are doing anything which is included on the list, then you need to follow the instructions offered in the first line of this post – reflect and recap.This may involve accessing Gov.UK to do a bit of reading. If you’re still unsure after having done so, remember, give A Pass 4 U a call and we can arrange some refresher lessons, to assist you in coming up to speed with everything you need to know, enabling you to keep safe when driving on our country’s roads.

So, here they are-10 ways to lose your Driving Licence in the UK

1. Drink Driving

If you’re convicted of drink driving – you can be banned from driving, imprisoned and face a fine.

2. In Charge of a Vehicle whilst under the influence.

You don’t necessarily have to be driving – if you are in charge of a vehicle, whilst above the legal limit or unfit because of alcohol, you may get: 3 months imprisonment. Up to £2.500 fine. A possible driving ban.

Remember there are strict alcohol limits for drivers within the UK. Your body type, weight, age, sex, stress levels, food intake, type of alcohol and metabolism, can mean that you will respond differently to the same amount of alcohol as a friend.

3. Driving whilst under the influence of drugs.

Do you view this as something not as serious? Well the Law doesn’t!

The penalties you can receive are: minimum 12 month driving ban. A criminal record.A fine of up to £5000 or/as well as 6 months imprisonment.

 ! Remember. The Law doesn’t distinguish between illegal drugs and prescription medicines. Check with the Pharmacist, if you are unsure whether or not you can drive with your prescription.

4. New Driver

Losing your licence will happen if you get 6 penalty points within two years of passing your test. ! Penalty points on your provisional are carried over to your full licence.

5. Tyre Tred

Failure to ensure that your tyres meet the legal requirements could leave you facing a fine of up to £2500 per tyre and 3 penalty points. If all four aren’t ok. It will be 12 points and an automatic ban.


6.Mobile Phones

We’ve talked a lot about mobile phone usage and driving on our advice site. Here’s a recap.  ! Remember. A person may be regarded as driving a vehicle even when it is stationary, if the engine is running. 

7. Dangerous Driving

This could include driving with excessive speed,racing, competitive driving, ‘showing off.’ Driving when knowingly deprived of adequate sleep or rest. Follow the link to the Crown Prosecution website and you will find out just how comprehensive and diverse the dangerous driving umbrella is. Disqualification minimum is 12 months.

Speed Enforcement

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has issued speed enforcement policy guidance, which suggests that enforcement will normally occur when a driver exceeds the speed limit by a particular margin. This is normally 10 per cent over the speed limit plus 2 mph. It also sets guidelines for when it would not be appropriate to issue a fixed penalty notice but to issue a summons instead (see below). Note that these are guidelines and that a police officer has discretion to act outside of them providing he acts fairly, consistently and proportionately.

Speed limit: 20 mph
ACPO charging threshold: 24 mph
Summons: 35 mph

Speed limit: 30 mph
ACPO charging threshold: 35 mph
Summons: 50 mph

Speed limit: 40 mph
ACPO charging threshold: 46 mph
Summons: 66 mph

Speed limit: 50 mph
ACPO charging threshold: 57 mph
Summons: 76 mph

Speed limit: 60 mph
ACPO charging threshold: 68 mph
Summons: 86 mph

Speed limit: 70 mph
ACPO charging threshold: 79 mph
Summons: 96 mph


8. Building Up Points.

Any individual can lose their licence if they build up too many points. If you get 12 or more within three years, then you will be summoned to court. Once there the courts will decide how long they will be taking your licence away from you for. If you are disqualified for more than 56 days, you have to apply for a new licence before driving again.

9. Careless Driving

Overtaking on the inside, driving too close to another vehicle, misusing lanes to gain advantage on other drivers,driving through a red light by mistake, In the words of the CPS

“The main types of driving offences involving fatalities are ‘dangerous driving’ and ‘careless or inconsiderate driving’. The driver’s behaviour is what is important, not what the driver believes. Someone may be committing a dangerous driving offence even though they believe they are driving safely.”

10. Driving when banned

Importantly, if you get caught driving whilst you are on a ban – it is an arrestable offence. There is no stern ticking off. A court will decide what punishment to enforce.

There are many ways in which you can lose your driving licence. Our company hopes, that with proficient training, increased awareness and a full understanding of how the consequences of driving unlawfully can affect your life as an individual, you will make the pro-active decision to do all you can, within your power to ensure that safe driving becomes an ingrained habit and you as a Licence Holder will take sufficient notice in bringing yourself up to speed on law changes and current rules as they come into effect. Safe driving for life, helps not just you to stay safe on the road but assists other drivers, passengers,in fact all road users and pedestrians to remain as safe as possible.