summer drivingAs we move into what (we hope) will be the hottest month of our english summer. I thought now might be the right time to mention a few things which, as a driver and car owner (yes, even if you are a learner driver) you need to keep to mind when out and about.

The freedom of driving is fantastic, I love it. The way it whisks me off so quickly to somewhere else in place and in mind. But, if I were going out and taking a much loved pet with me – I would need to think about what I needed to do for that animal – whilst it was in my care.

Dogs Die in Hot Cars!

So if you’re taking Sparky along for a ride, you need to think a little about what you need to provide him with. The RSPCA states that leaving a dog in a car, even with the windows open, or you’ve parked in the shade-it is still dangerous for your dog. So if you can, either leave them at home or if you need to take them with you, do only pop in somewhere for a couple of minutes-no more. Because even then, the temperature of your parked car is beginning to rise.

When it’s 22 degrees outside, in a car it can reach an unbearable 47 degrees within an hour. RSPCA.

If you should happen to see a parked car with a dog in it and you think the dog is looking unwell or has been in the car for too long without a driver coming back – then you have the right to call 999. if you call the RSPCA, they may not always be able to get there quick enough and to remove an animal from a car lawfully, requires police assistance.

Now to the other precious things we own. (although as they aren’t a living breathing animal. I don’t put them in quite the same category) I’m talking about mobiles, laptops… That kind of thing.

These too can be affected by the extreme heat and care is needed in looking after these whilst they are in the car on a hot day. Heat reduces a laptop battery life and can also affect the LCD screen. Smart phones can be affected but usually when switched off if they get to hot, are ok after a little while.

So the message is… just take care during the summer months of the things you love. As they’ll love you back for doing so!