foggy roadThe other morning when I left my house to drop my husband (a former driving instructor) to work, a bank of fog drifted across the road. I heard the slow moan of a ships foghorn in the distance, as it travelled along the Thames Estuary. My very favourite sound.

My curiosity was piqued, as I climbed into the drivers seat and thought for a moment about what was and was not needed when driving in the fog.

The questions which popped into my mind were:

  • Where in the car is my foglight switch. (It was so long since I’d last used them that I had forgotten where they were!)
  • Do I have to use my foglights & are they really necessary.
  • Do I need to have them on both the front and back of my vehicle.
  • Is it the law to use foglights
  • At what distance should I be putting on my foglights
  • What is the correct procedure for driving in fog.
  • Is it an offence to use foglights when visibility is normal.

So I thought I would check out the facts regarding driving in the fog and foglights and share it with you learner drivers out there – whether you want to take an intensive driving course with A Pass 4 U or have chosen to commit to hourly lessons instead.

Driving in Fog : The Facts

  • Is it the law to have foglights?

Foglights are compulsory in the UK at the rear of your vehicle and must be red in colour Each car must have at least one.

  • Do I need them on both front and back of my vehicle?

It is not a compulsory requirement to have them on the front or use them but most modern vehicles do have them attached as standard.

  • Do I have to use my foglights and are they really necessary?

You must use Headlights when visibility is seriously reduced. This means when you cannot see farther than 100 metres in front of you. You may also use foglights but the law requires you must use headlights. Foglights if used incorrectly can dazzle other drivers and can obscure brake lights.

  • Where in the car is my foglight switch?

With a little help from my husband (yes I hang my head in shame, as I didn’t know how I turned them on!) I learnt that ours are situated on the indicator stalk and front and back can be turned on separately. In our old car there was a switch which turned both front and back on when pressed.

The foglight sign on your car interior looks like a horizontal jellyfish

  • Is it an offence to use foglights when visibility is normal?

It is a offence to use foglights when visibility is normal. You can be pulled over by the Police and also fined. Fog lights should be switched off when a vehicle is stationary.

  • What is the correct procedure for driving in fog?

Before entering fog – check mirror – slow down

Use the required lights

Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front

Be able to pull up within the distance visible if needed

Use windscreen wipers and demisters

Beware of other traffic not following the above road rules

Do not accelerate to get away from a vehicle travelling too close behind you

Check mirrors before slowing down. Use brake and brakelights to warn road users behind you that you are slowing down

Enter junctions with limited visibility and position yourself correctly. Listen out for traffic. When it is safe to pull out, do so positively and not in a hesitant manner which puts you in the path of approaching traffic   Gov.UK

Then enjoy this driving experience. You will learn loads and gain knowledge and experience to take forward in your life as a Driver. It may seem a little nerve wracking the first time you do it, but most things are!