After a few years Southend Council have revitalised their Road Safety team with 2 very capable ladies, Jane McIlroy and Helen Waller. With the help of Southend And District Driving Instructors Assoc they have relaunched the Roadster road safety event into the Southend Schools. The 1st was for Southend College at Belchamps and it went down a storm. Pupils and presenters came away from the event having had a great day.

The Road safety day involved Essex Police with their very funny but hard hitting presentation. Essex Fire Brigade who introduced the “Driving With Grace video”. You would have to be extremely hard to not be moved by this, especially as it involves people from Southend. Drink/Drug awareness were also giving advice, as well as the ladies from the road safety team ran an incident room to highlight some of the danger on the road.

Mark Christmas gave a presentation on “Buying A Car” which gave some excellent advice on looking for cut and shut cars as well as the more basic things to look out for.

Our very own Tony Mihill gave a presentation on “Getting Started” which included getting your licence, finding a driving instructor and the driving tests themselves.

Southend Roadster 006

Southend Roadster 1Southend Roadster 004