When dealing with junctions you must always consider whether it is safe to pull out and if you have enough time to get going before another vehicle comes along. Where your basic cross roads or T junctions are concerned you will need to decide if it is a Open or Closed junction. So what’s the difference? An Open junction has nothing on the junction to hinder your view of the road. You’ll find these a lot more in rural/country areas where you can see across the fields. A closed junction is where there are houses, tree’s bushed etc that will stop your view.

On approach to an open junction you should use the acronym M.S.P.S.L which is

M = Mirrors (Centre & Side) looking for overtaking vehicles

S = Signal – to indicate which way you are turning

P = Position – to assist your turn and also give a positional signal as to where you are going 

S = Speed (Slow & Change Down) – for most corners you will need 2nd gear

L = LOOK – is it safe to go?

Emerging from a Open JunctionAs you can see from the image with no obstructions you can see up and down the road. If you have started you process early enough all you should have to do is decide whether to go or not and with an open junction it is easy.  You will also see that this junction is a “Give way” junction which is denoted by the 2 dashed lines.

Emerging from a Closed JunctionWith a closed junction you will not be able to see whether the road is clear so you should stop regardless if you have a Give way junction or a Stop junction. giveway sign

If you have parked cars on the junction then you will need to use a technique called “Creeping & Peeping”.

Using your clutch control you will need to creep forward very slowly looking both ways, ready at anytime to stop if a car comes along, until you can see whether the road is clear. If it is get going before a vehicle comes along as they will probably not be able to see you properly.

At many fast road or junctions with very poor vision, you will find a “STOP” sign and you must in law completely stop at this junction. If you don’t stop best ways you will end up with a fine and a possible 3 points on your driving licence which at least will increase you insurance premium .Stop sign