Passed Pupil- Katherine Lemieux- Lee on Solent

Passed Pupil- Katherine Lemieux- Lee on Solent Here we have Katherine Lemieux who passed her test first time in Lee on Solent with instructor Paul Matthews. Katherine did a 25 hour Seaside special intensive course which suited her level of experience and which she enjoyed doing. Great drive Katherine, good result after the hard work and effort put, be safe and enjoy your driving !!

The Food Truck Of The Future

I’m sitting here feeling a bit peckish and beginning to work out what I’m going to eat for dinner. My fingers explore the online world to see if there’s anything I fancy, as my tastebuds begin to tingle and my stomach churns. Coming across the food truck of the future is reminding me of what I’ve been able to do in the past as a holder of a UK driving … Read more

Want to Drive but Don’t Want to Own a Car?

You’ve past your driving test. Now what? You realise that although you’ve always wanted to drive you don’t really have a need to own a car full-time. You’re not interested in the responsibility of paying for car insurance, car tax and the maintenance of a vehicle. So you begin to look, for viable alternatives which will enable you to have the freedom a car can give you, without the expense … Read more

Passed Pupil- Martin Carey- Basildon

Passed Pupil- Martin Carey- Basildon Well done to Martin Carey for passing his driving test in Basildon with help from driving instructor Garth Ellis. Martin smashed it with only a few minor driving faults and was very pleased to be driving away with a pass. Well done Martin, enjoy the roads and be safe!!