How to Tell the Speed Limit (for Cars & Motorcycles) on Roads in the UK

Nothing beats the freedom of travelling the open road. Going at your own pace along your own path can feel liberating. But driving a car or motorcycle on the road networks of the UK you might often find yourself asking “what is the speed limit here?”. Unlike some other parts of the world, in the UK the speed limit can vary depending on the type of road and the type … Read more

5 Good Driving Habits to Create

Learning to drive with an A Pass 4 U Driving Instructor should enable you to proficiently pass the UK driving test but what happens once you’re on the road on your own and the temptation of picking up the mobile phone or driving all day and night to get to a destination on the other side of the country hits – what then? Creating good driving habits is incredibly important, as … Read more

The Importance of Driving to the Speed Limit

Have you ever wondered about why driving to the Speed Limit is important? After a couple of recent experiences, I thought I’d find out why. Over 220 people are killed on our roads each year from cars that are driving above the speed limit. Over 200 people are killed each year by cars driving within the speed limit but wrongly for the conditions. Over 143 accidents are caused each year … Read more