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The Triumphs and Traumas of Being a New Driver

As I waved goodbye to my daughter, she began the long drive from Southend back to Bournemouth. It all seems to have gone by in a blur – being a parent. On one level its taken such a long time and on another – its all flown by so fast.  What an interesting journey, being a […]

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A Reminder That The Tax Disc Is To Be Scrapped

Being the mother to a newly qualified driver (one whom passed with A Pass 4 U).Thinking about cars, insurance, vehicle taxation and driving, is now on the agenda for the near future and on my very own visit to the Post Office this morning to renew my tax disc, it was interesting to be reminded […]

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Goodbye Paper Tax Disc Hello Monthly Road Tax Payments

On Thursday 5th December the chancellor of the exchequer announced a change to the law regarding the way that vehicle tax is processed in the United Kingdom. The changes have come about as the UK government look for ways to reduce the administration costs and other burdens associated with vehicle road tax. There are two […]

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