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The Importance of Maintaining a Vehicle

I’m on the island of Koh Chang in southern thailand, close to the Cambodian border. It is one of the hilliest islands I’ve been to and one where I’m noticing many a juddery clutch on the vehicles. It has its charm, this island which has a national park laying at its heart. The winding roads […]

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How to Avoid Common MOT Fails

So you’re a learner driver who is buying their first car. Do you know what an MOT is? An MOT is a test which is carried out by authorised MOT test centre, to check the roadworthiness of your vehicle. (Look out for the blue sign with the 3 white triangles – this identifies they are […]

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The Connection Between Your Driving Test and Your Car MOT

There is an obvious connection between your car and taking a driving test, that connection is your driving licence. However this connection is a little more involved than it seems at first. Part of your driving test includes a section which driving instructors call “Show/Tell questions”. These questions are 2 of a potential 19 and […]

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