Passed Pupil – Lauren Roberts – Portsmouth

Many congratulations to Lauren Roberts on passing her test 1st time! Lauren passed with instructor Paul Matthews after completing a 25 hour intensive driving course in Portsmouth. Paul said “Lauren worked extremely hard during the course and achieved a very satisfactory pass.” Impressive stuff Lauren! 🙂

Passed Pupil – Ronan Coffey – Aylesbury

Congratulations to Ronan Coffey who recently passed his driving test! Ronan passed with instructor Mark Ward-Jackson after undertaking a 20 hour intensive driving course in Aylesbury.  Mark said “Well done Ronan, don’t forget your walking rule!” See you on the roads Ronan! 😀

Passed Pupil – Luke Simmons – Banbury

Congratulations to Luke Simmons who passed his driving test! Luke passed in Banbury after undertaking a 40 hour intensive driving course with instructor Mark Ward-Jackson.  Mark said “On a warm summer’s day in Banbury, Luke Simmons gave a good account of himself at the wheel, passed his driving test and at the first attempt. Well done Luke! Caution is fine but in good measure.” Well done Luke!

Passed Pupil – Anisa Benachar – Southend

Huge congratulations to Anisa Benachar who passed her test recently! Anisa passed with instructor Gary Warner after undertaking a series of hourly driving lessons in Southend. Gary said “Well done Anisa, you deserved this!” Please stay safe on the roads Anisa!

Passed Pupil – Alexia Barry – Oxford

Congratulations to Alexia Barry who passed her driving test 1st time recently! Alexia passed in Oxford after undertaking a 30 hour intensive driving course. Her instructor, Mark Ward-Jackson, said “Well done Alexia! Be gentle with the controls and remember the walking rule. See you out on the roads very soon!” Impressive stuff Alexia, please keep practising everything which you have learnt! 🙂

Passed Pupil – Ben Emerson – Basildon

Congratulations to Ben Emerson who passed his test 1st time recently! Ben passed with instructor Neil Windass after undertaking a 25 hour intensive driving course in Basildon. Neil said “Ben passed with only 2 minors. What a great drive! Well done and Stay Safe. “ Impressive stuff Ben! 😀

Passed Pupil-Kirsty Smalley-Grantham.

Congratulations to Kirsty Smalley on passing her driving test! Kirsty passed in Grantham after completing a 6 hour intensive driving course with instructor John Lloyd. John said “Kirsty has been a pleasure to teach, I am so pleased for her!” Please stay safe on the roads Kirsty! 😀