Passed Pupil – Jack Sheppard – Herne Bay.

Many congratulations to Jack Sheppard on passing his test in Herne Bay! Jack passed after undertaking a 25 hour intensive driving course with instructor James Brewster. Please keep practising everything which you have learnt Jack and enjoy safe driving for life! 😀

Passed Pupil – Daniel Maguire – Herne Bay

Congratulations to Daniel Maguire on passing his driving test in Herne Bay! Daniel passed after completing a 10 hour intensive driving course with instructor James Brewster. James said “Dan has been a pleasure to teach, well done mate!” See you on the roads Daniel! 🙂

Passed Pupil-Kasie Bathurst- Herne Bay.

Congratulations to Kasie Bathurst who passed her driving test this week! Kasie passed after completing a 50 hour intensive driving course in Herne Bay.  Her instructor James Brewster said “Kasie worked so hard and I am pleased to say that she has passed her test.” Please stay safe on the roads Kasie and enjoy your new driving experience!

Passed Pupil- Ollie Mckleworth- Herne Bay

A fantastic Well Done to Ollie Mckleworth, on passing your test first time this week with only 3 driving faults, after undertaking an 40 hours driving course in Herne Bay centre. His driving instructor said “congratulation Ollie on passing your test you have been a lovely pupil to teach and i am so pleased for you! stay safe and enjoy driving on your own!”  

Passed Pupils – Kelsey Stevens – Herne Bay

Herne Bay Intensive Driving Courses Kelsey Stevens recently took a driving crash course in Herne Bay with A Pass 4 U driving instructor Jon Dowles and passed 1st time. Jon said “Kelsey was a pleasure to teach and got an excellent result”. Cracking result Kelsey, Well done!