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2018. The Start Of Use of Driverless Cars in the UK

2018 looks like it will be the start of the use of the driverless car in the UK. How do you feel about this? Is it just the next step in the future of driving and as a car driver or a learner driver, who has desperately been waiting to experience that feeling of freedom which […]

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Does Driving Make You Appy?

Does Driving Make You Appy? This free driving app, at the end of 200 miles, rates your driving and gives you an individual score out of 10.

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Has the Future of Parking Arrived Now?

Many years ago, in my younger days, I watched a Bruce Willis, science fiction movie, which involved him being driven around in a driverless vehicle. At the time, I laughed. Making fun of what the movie showed would be our vehicles of tomorrow. Thinking it would never happen. In the last couple of years – Google has […]

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