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6 Top Tips When Buying A Second Hand Car for the First Time

Recently I’ve purchased a second hand car. Now, having a husband who has been a lorry driver, driving instructor and now a trainee paramedic, I’ve always let him make the decision on whether or not the vehicle was right for us and didn’t realise what an anxiety provoking experience it can be. So, as usual, […]

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Should I Buy Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid or Electric

Many years ago-when I was a newly passed driver, the choice of car for me to own was limited to petrol or diesel. At the time it was an easy choice for me, because diesel vehicles were mainly vans; small or large and the noise they made was significantly louder than most petrol vehicles on […]

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What to Look for When Buying Your First Car

Once all the hard mental work of learning the theory to pass the first part of your driving test is over and all the hands on work and hard earnt money spent, which goes into passing the practical driving test is done. Is buying your own car the next thing on your to do list? What to […]

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