Passed Pupil – Sebastian Ilies – Basildon

Congratulations to Sebastian Ilies who passed his test recently in Basildon! Seb passed with instructor Ben Haklaj after undertaking a series of hourly driving lessons. Ben said “Well done Seb, you did a fab job today.” Impressive stuff Seb, see you on the roads! 😀

Passed Pupil – Samuel Clarke – Basildon

Congratulations to Samuel Clarke who passed his test 1st time this week! Samuel passed in Basildon after completing a 20 hour intensive driving course with instructor David Peters. David said “Samuel had a great drive, well done!” Please stay safe on the roads Samuel! 😀

Passed Pupil – Evan Leigh Scheepers – Basildon

Congratulations to Evan-Leigh Scheepers on passing his test this week! Evan passed in Basildon after undertaking a 25 hour intensive driving course with instructor Artan Gjonbala. Please keep practising everything which you have learnt Evan and enjoy safe driving for life! 🙂

Passed Pupil – Michael Tremarco – Basildon

Many congratulations to Michael Tremarco who passed his test 1st time this week! Michael passed in Basildon with instructor Brian Adcock after undertaking a 10 hour intensive driving course. Brian said “Well done mate, I am so pleased for you!” See you on the roads Michael! 😀

Passed Pupil – Princess Chiferere – Basildon

Huge congratulations to Princess Chiferere on recently passing her practical driving test! Princess passed with instructor Garth Ellis after having completed a 12 hour intensive driving course in Basildon. Garth said ” I am so pleased for Princess, well done!” Impressive stuff Princess, please stay safe on the roads! 🙂