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Driving Course Pass – Matthew Evans – Wolverhampton

Matt Evans passed his driving test in Wolverhampton this week after completing a 15 hour driving course with A Pass 4 U driving instructor Adam   Turner. Congrats Matt!!!

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Charlie Roberts passes in Clacton

Driving Courses Pass – Charlie Roberts – Clacton

A big congratulations to Charlie Roberts who passed his driving test this week in Clacton on Sea with Amanda this week. Charlie took a 10-hour intensive driving course in Clacton and passed with flying colours.

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Jason Burwood Passes in Clacton

Hourly Pass – Jason Burwood – Clacton

After having hourly driving lessons in Clacton-on-Sea with Neil Windass, Jason Burwood passed his driving test this week. It was a nice sunny day in Clactonad Jason made sure that he came home with his pass certificate. Neil said ” He was ready to take a test and I am pleased he has got the pass he […]

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Driving Course Pass – Ben Wells – Worthing

Ben Wells passed in Worthing, Sussex,  this week. Ben took a 20 hour intensive driving crash course and passed 1st time. Paul Wareham, Ben’s driving instructor said “Ben is a really nice guy and I am really pleased he got the result he wanted. It just shows that with the right tuition and some effort […]

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Usman Mahiz Passes in Basildon

Passed Pupil – Usman Mahiz – Basildon

Congratulations to Usman Mahiz who passed his driving test in Basildon with his driving instructor Jurate Udrienne. Usman took one of our 6-hour “Retest Special” intensive driving courses in Basildon to finish off his tuition and prepare for his driving test. Well done Usman!

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Driving Course Pass – Pheobe Hunter – Chelmsford

Congratulations to Pheobe Hunter who passed her driving test this week. Pheobe took one of our 25-hour intensive driving courses in Chelmsford and passed with ease. Chris Whiteley, Pheobe’s A Pass 4 U driving instructor said “The pass was well deserved, I am very proud of her”. Well done Pheobe.

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George Thomas passes in Tilbury

Driving Course Pass – George Thomas – Tilbury

George Thomas passed his driving test yesterday with just 4 minor faults after completing a 20-hour Waverley driving crash course in Tilbury, with driving instructor Chris Whitely. As you can see George had a car waiting for him on his return. Congratulations George!

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Driving Course Pass – Ben Couchy – Southend on Sea

Congratulations to Ben Couchy who passed his driving test in Southend yesterday. Ben had been having driving lessons with our A Pass 4 U driving instructor, Ronnie Bead. The Southend test centre recently opened and has been a hit with many pupils. It presently doesn’t do bay parking as one of its manouevres. Well done […]

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Ricki Scott passes in Portsmouth

Driving Course Pass – Ricki Scott – Portsmouth

Ricki Scott passed his driving test yesterday after a 25-hour intensive driving course in Portsmouth with Karen Stoker-Buckell. As you can see Ricki was very pleased. Congratulations Ricki an excellent result!

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Alex Harold Southampton

Driving Course Pass – Alex Harold – Southampton

Congratulations to Alex Harold who took a Seaside Special – 25-hour intensive driving course in Southampton and passed 1st time. Well done Alex!! Howard, Alex’s driving instructor, said ” Alex worked hard to get his test and pulled it all together at the end to pass “.

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