Looking to learn how to drive in East London but not sure which test centre would be best for you? We may have found you the perfect solution! One test centre which is often overlooked is the DVSA run test centre found in Wanstead.

Many pupils when considering Wanstead as a potential area to learn how to drive in are sometimes initially put off when they search by driving test centre pass rates alone. To put this into context, in the UK an average of 49% of pupils will pass their driving test 1st time and 40.8% pass 1st time in London each year, the pass rate for new drivers at Wanstead was 36.4% between 2018/2019. You may be thinking, that’s rubbish or not worth your time, but you must consider that anything can happen when taking a test especially when driving in busy areas in or around Greater London. It is also worth taking into account who will be teaching you! Here at AP4U, we currently hold a pass rate of 76% and have a dedicated network of instructors who will not only teach you everything which you would need to know but will also not pressure you into taking a test if you are not 100% confident or prepared to go to test.

Wanstead though mostly suburban with the test centre located near both the busy A12 and A406 (North Circular) will be able to give you the experience of driving in a busy populated area without having to drive through London’s bustling city centre. The test centre although relatively small has recently been closed between 24th February to 16th March 2020 for refurbishment and is kitted out with all the facilities you would expect to find inside.

Although recent times have been testing, anyone who is looking to learn will be pleased to know that the DVSA has now opened their booking systems to new bookings and Wanstead will be releasing new test dates soon.

For more information about our intensive driving courses in Wanstead, please do not hesitate to contact us on 03458 121007 and we will be happy to answer any questions which you may have or click here to make an enquiry online.