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If you live in the East of London, you may wonder, why should I learn to drive in Goodmayes and what makes this area so special? There are many reasons why Goodmayes is a great place for a budding young learner to learn how to drive.

One of the main advantages to learning in this area is that you have not one but two driving test centres which you can make use of which is definitely a convenience if availability is tight! Goodmayes has its own driving test centre which can be found at 98 Goodmayes Rd, IG3 9UZ which is situated in a parade of shops. However, pupils can also make use of the test centre located nearby in Barking which is only a 10-minute drive away. We have experienced instructors which know all the local test routes for both areas and will ensure that you learn everything which you need to know in order to take your test!

Both test centres have a great pass rate, the average pass rate of pupils passing their driving test 1st time in London is around 40%, the pass rate for Goodmayes between 2018/2019 was 36.5% and 33% for Barking. Like most areas throughout the UK, Goodmayes does offer its own challenges. Being close to London, it does consist of mainly residential and town driving with many high-speed roads such as the A1083 and A13 as well as several roundabouts.  I know this does sound quite daunting but don’t panic, your instructor will make sure that you are fully confident and do bear in mind that being outside of London’s manic city centre, Goodmayes roads will not be half as busy! You will be able to gain confidence and enhance your driving skills before tackling these bustling streets.

The other advantage to learning to drive in Goodmayes is the proximity to London and its other surrounding areas, with direct access via the A13, you will be able to make the most of everything which it has to offer whether this is for leisure or work.

With the DSA having re-booked all tests cancelled throughout lockdown, they are now fully opening their system soon and allowing tests to be booked until January 2021, it is likely that availability in Goodmayes will be snapped up rather quickly. If you would be interested in booking an intensive driving course in Goodmayes or Barking give us a call on 03458 121 007 and we will be happy to help! Our office is open from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday and until 1.30 pm on Saturdays.