Why choose an intensive driving course?

If you’ve found this blog post then you’re more than likely searching the internet looking for a driving school covering Bridlington. If this is the case then you’re probably also aware that there are plenty of options available online for those learning to drive. There are lots of driving schools in Bridlington that offer hourly driving lessons each week, allowing you to learn at your leisure, but have you ever considered an intensive driving course?

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), it takes most people 45 hours of instructor-based driving lessons, plus another 22 hours of practice, before passing their driving test. The average cost of an hourly driving lesson in the UK is now £24. That works out at anywhere between £1080 – £1848 for 45-77 hours of training, and that’s without factoring in the cost of the theory and practical tests! Compare this to an intensive course, which can save you time and potentially money, as you may need less hours to become a competent driver.

Because of the speed in which a driving crash course can be completed, they often have a lower dropout rate than hourly driving lessons, and because they are so focused you can learn to drive much quicker. However they are less flexible and because of the intensity of the course are not suited to slow learners.

About Learning to Drive in Bridlington

Bridlington is a town in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The town lies at the junction of two main trunk roads. The A165 between Hull and Scarborough and the A614 between Bridlington and Nottingham. The roads around Bridlington can make for interesting driving. With its own DVSA driving test at Bessingby Industrial Estate, the town is becoming very popular for intensive driving courses in Bridlington.

A Pass 4 U Driving School offers many different length driving courses from a 6 hour (1 day) course, for people who have just failed a driving test and want to get a few bits ironed out before another test, through to a 40 hour (8 day) driving course for those who have never driven before. With 5 hours training per day you will be well prepared for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency practical driving test. Our intensive driving courses in Bridlington consist of 5 hours with a fully qualified Approved Driving instructor around the local area during which you will normally take a break half way through to ensure you do not get too tired. With consecutive days you will be building up your knowledge day by day in and around the test routes which will prepare you fully for all aspects of driving and making you a safe driver for the rest of your driving life.

The practical driving test in Bridlington will be arranged by our customer service staff as part of your booking and is included in the prices shown on our website.

The driving test will include the following manoeuvres:

Parallel Parking
Bay Parking – Reversing into & out of a bay
Pull up on the right exercise

You may also be asked to perform an Emergency Stop exercise as well as well as showing your general driving skills are of a good standard. You will have to drive on dual carriageways, country roads and roads around Bridlington.

You can find the DVSA driving test centre at:

Units 23 & 24 Enterprise Way
Bessingby Industrial Estate
North Yorkshire
YO16 4SF

To find out more about our intensive driving courses in and around Bridlington please take a look at our intensive driving courses page.